We're adding an extra free month to your Nova updates! Why?

Logan, the main engineer on your (hopefully) favorite Mac text editor Nova, has been working non-stop since shipping Nova 1. He's made it an incredible app, release after release, adding so much new stuff.

But… we want Logan to take a break. And we don't want him to be stressed while doing it.

Our never-ending drive to add new features to Nova and make your investment even more worthwhile can make it pretty tough to, well, take a vacation.

So, we had an idea. We are going to add one free month to your Nova updates, to make up for Logan's quick vacation — and to hopefully put his mind at ease while he's away.

There's nothing for you to do here, just enjoy an extra month of updates.

Right now we're preparing a massive update to Nova's language parser, making it faster, more powerful, and more compatible. That update, which has other nice surprises, should arrive soon after Logan's return!

Thank you for supporting Nova. And here's to a lot more Nova to come! (After a little break.)

Cabel / Panic

PS: If you like Nova, considering telling your editor-using friends. Word-of-mouth helps us more than you could imagine.

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